Plastic processing at the specialists

The Viebahn Systemtechnik is the specialist for customer-specific system solutions. We use a variety of methods for plastics processing: Injection molding, foam technology, polyurethane casting technology and the production of composite sheets are standard methods used in our company. We process all common plastics such as soft-PVC, PVC, TPU, TPE, PP, PU, PE, PS, PC-PBT, POM, ABS as well as many in-house blends and compounds.

Due to modular construction, our in-house tooling shop is able to produce most tool requirements cost-efficiently within an average of 14 days.
The following properties are applicable on almost all of our processed plastics:
  • Integral connections of soft plastics with steel and / or plastic carriers
  • 2-component injection molding
  • Encapsulation of steel parts, combination with steel-channels
  • Shore A plastics are generally available in 45° to 100° hardness
  • UV-, oil-, ozone- and weather resistant
  • General operation temperature of -40°F to +194°F
  • Silicon-free
  • Recyclable
  • Implementation of specific properties (such as the performance of various fire regulations, swelling, water absorption, electric conductivity, carbon content) in accordance with customer requirements
  • Coloration of plastic products selectable within the scope of technical possibilities
  • High resilience
  • High impact-, upsetting- and tensile strength