View parts or assemblies with highly sensitive surfaces

Sensitive visible parts and complex assemblies with highly sensitive surfaces (gloss lacquer, leather, glass, textiles, etc.) must be handled and stored with special care.

Typical assembly cargo:
  • Instrument panel / center console
  • Bumper
  • Steering gear
  • Drive- and cardan shafts
  • Air suspension / suspensions
  • Radiators
  • Air conditioning, heaters
  • Integral- and module carrier
  • Flooring / carpets / interior trim
  • Pivot / axle beam
  • Glaspanes with seals / sunroofs
  • Attachement parts / spoiler / skirts / grills
  • Roof rail
For reasons of weight- and cost reduction we substitute, if possible, complicated steel supports with dimensionally stable support materials made of plastic. The contact surfaces for the cargo are made of soft, often foamed TPE, PVC or polyurethane.