Exact contour carrier nests for the components of the powertrain

The typical challenge is secure support and fixing of often similar, but not identical contoured heavy components.

Typical powertrain cargo:
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Steering Gears
  • Differential / Intermediate Gears
  • Axle body / axes
  • Cardan- / Driveshafts
  • Air Suspension / Suspensions
  • Wheel Carrier
  • Pivots / Brakes
  • Rims and much more
Our machinery enables us to manufacture large-volume plastic parts with high wall thickness and high stability. The encapsulation of weldments is daily routine for us. The in-house steel and sheet metal processing enables short-term and cost-effective provision of necessary inserts.

Viebahn-Foam makes it possible to firmly enclose and transport securely fixed heavy components with different contours in one universal dunnage.

Due to the excellent resilience, Viebahn-Foam is the perfect solution for carrier nests with varying contours.