Soft dunnages for sensitive sheet metal- and aluminum parts

Scratch-sensitive outer skin parts made of aluminum and sheet metal often have an unstable form. It is necessary to protect such components contour with matching and separating soft dunnages.

Typical cargo for bodyshop range:

  • Skins / assembly parts
  • Bodyside parts
  • Fenders / wheel houses
  • Doors
  • Roofs
  • Hoods and trunk lids
  • Frame parts / base parts
  • A/B/C posts
For semi- and fully automatic loading and unloading of transport racks, all dunnage parts must have a dimensional stability and pitch accuracy. We achieve this with integrated steel inserts as U-profiles, flat steel strips or the new T-slot profile.

Possible cutting of our soft dunnages by sharp edged components is avoided by appropriately placed stainless steel protectors.